Beatings of people by crowds of fascists on the subway and on a Manezhnaya Square in Moscow(video)

Разместил Шах Шах
Crowds of thousands of fascists and nazis-radicals suited mass riots on Saturday, on December 11th, on a Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. The meeting not coordinated with the authorities on a Manezhnaya Square has been devoted in memory of the fan of "Spartak" Egor Sviridov, who was killed on December, 6th. Law enforcement people of Moscow were helpless and incapacitated. Fight has begun after police officers have interceded for five Caucasians who were beaten by group of unknown persons. One of victims during disorders on a Manezhnaya Square in Moscow has died. The crowds which have become impudent from impunity have continued to beat people at metro stations and bus stops.