Computers will recognize the nationality of the Caucasians through their voice

Разместил Шах Шах
On the official website of the Russian Federation used for posting information aboute state orders appeared an inquiry for creation of an automated atlas of national languages of Russia. Indeed, there were due to the creation of a program that can determine the nationality of the speaker through the voice recording. The study should be confirmed by the material of six Caucasian languages, then bring its author a round sum.

It is assumed that the program should be able to identify the language spoken by the people, based on analysis of recordings of their voice. The initial contract price is 24 million rubles.

One of the main tasks of the application will be the identification and isolation of the Caucasian languages, while tapping phones via switch provider. It is noteworthy that the organizer of the sale and the customer military forces of Russia.

Investigation of the peculiarities of speech of informants carrier should be carried out on the examples of the Avar, Ingush, Kabardino-Circassian, Karachay, Balkar and Dargwa languages. For each of them is required to submit a minimum of 20 informants from different channels of fixation of speech (microphone, telephone).