Georgia has got the right to host the Summer European Youth Olympics

Разместил Шах Шах
Georgia has got the right to host the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival 2015 in Tbilisi, said the spokesperson of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Chanishvili on Saturday.

This decision was made in Belgrade on 39 th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committee. It was attended by national Olympic committees of 49 countries of the continent, including Georgia. Rival of Georgia was a Czech Brno. The capital of Georgia won by a margin of 5 votes, 26 votes to 21.

Festival 2015 will take place in nine sports, it will feature 3,000 athletes from 49 countries.

Earlier, the president of the Olympic Committee of Russia Alexander Zhukov said that Russia supports the proposal of Tbilisi to hold the Summer European Youth Olympic Festival in 2015. The Georgian parliament has continued to develop a complex plan to counteract the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014.

Georgian authorities also reported a desire to boycott the Sochi Olympics. Georgian side justifies its claims with the fact of removal from the territory of Abkhazia (which Georgia considers its occupied territory, and Russia - as an independent state), construction materials for the Olympic construction in Sochi without the consent of Georgia.