Leila Sapralieva have made a discovery in mathematics.

Разместил Fatima Fatima


Leila Sapralieva teacher from Ingushetia made a discovery in mathematics, moving the formula for calculating of the area of complex figures

How to find the area of n-coal (and any right) star, found up the teacher Leila Sapralieva from Nazran’   gymnasium № 1 . And now others shouldn’t use complex mathematical calculations.

- The school geometry course mainly studies convex shapes - triangles, diamonds, parallelograms, circles. I was interested, on the contrary, not prominent, like a star - says Leila. - To build it, we must draw a circle. Knowing the radius of the circle, we can calculate the area. This formula can be applied to any star. And even that which is in heaven, only if it is the correct form.

So far, an area of star was found with the help of several complex mathematical operations, firstly calculated the area of the n-gon, then - triangles that its boundaries. According to the  Sapralieva’s formula the calculations are much easier now.

Leila’s colleagues and her students were the first who tested a new formula. Soon, at the Teachers Forum in St. Petersburg, which was attended by teachers from 72 regions of the country, it has been recommended for use in the school curriculum.

Mathematician with nearly 30 years length of service , Leila Sapralieva engaged in research work for a long time. Firstly, she was interested in cubic equation.

- Different methods of solving them, and there was no single formula – says Leila. - For example, firstly find a root method of selection, then apply the theorem of Bezout. I thought if it possible to derive a formula that would allow once, if you know one root of the cubic equation, substitute it and find other roots? And it could bring.

However, when mathematical development was sent for review to the Ingush State University,  an unexpected answer came from the University: it doesn’t represent interestingly.

 But  the school teacher’s formula was evaluated at All-Russian contest "The pedagogical innovation", where  Leila Sapralieva was awarded by diploma and a medal for his contribution to education in Russia.

Development of the Ingush teacher "Innovative techniques for solving some cubic equations," published in the book "The Golden lessons. Mediatheque of experience the best schools and teachers. "

By the formulas Leila Sapralieva math problems solve not only students  in the Ingushetia, but also in other regions of the country.